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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> all those in favor of approving the minutes? any opposed? the minutes or approved as a minute. item three, public comment on executive session. nothing? ok, executive session. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> approved. >> all of those in favor of adjourning to an executive session? any opposed? >> reconvene in open session.
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at second? >> i would also like to make game motion that there are two versions of the agenda. on some, item 13 was deleted, which was just adjournment. so i move to add at item 13 back on to the agenda, for adjournment. about a second. >> any public comment? >> all of those in favor of revising the agenda? the motion is carried. is there a motion regarding closed session? >> motion not to disclose? >> is there a second? any discussion? all of those in favor? the motion is carried. >> item six, please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones, pagers, or similar sound producing electronic
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devices are prohibited at this meeting the chair may order the removal of any person responsible for the ringing or use of a cell phone, pager, or similar sound-producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter time on any item. item seven a., executive director's report. >> good afternoon. board staff, and a member of the public. i have a brief executive director's report today. i am starting with another of our blue greenway planning and design guidelines workshops, this thursday evening, june 16, at pier 1, from 5:30 until 7:30. they will focus on improving it
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cited and the site furnishing. the meeting is from 5:30 until 7:30 at pier 1, and we already have a draft. his agent online at, and will be taking, it's on that until july. you can leave your comments on line. we welcome the comments. it is an exciting project for us. the next item is the final environmental impact report for the brannon street wharf, at long last heard by the city planning commission this thursday, june 16, and we sincerely hope that will be certified. this is the final eir for the project, which has spent 11 years in conceptual design.
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it is finally moving forward. banks to the generosity of multiple sources, including the bond measure, the project is fully funded -- thanks to the generosity of multiple sources. that is really exciting news for us and we are looking for to that at long last. as i think you already know, this week, the oracle racing has debuted to of their ac-45 vessels for the running of the catamarans. the ac-72's which are twice as tall, will be running for the calendar series in july, 2013, as well as the final match of the america's cup. this week, from 1:00 until 3:30, june 13 through june 17,
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is the running of america's cup 45, and they're testing out the courses. i think they have some fine- tuning, after yesterday's capsizing, as well as race management technology, all under the purview of john, who is the course designer for the america's cup management group, formally doing the same job for the st. francis yacht club. they're doing places all over the bay. -- there are viewing places all over the bay. the most scenic would be from golden gate bridge to pier 39, or the 1850 replica of the america's cup yacht race. or the 2003 challenger usa 76. those vessels are also out there, and hopefully everybody will get to see them. they're said to go about 30 knots, which is quite quick.
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very exciting. next is the development commission will be meeting on july 7. this is imported the port of san francisco is our joint application with the america's cup event authority with a commission to consider, the special area plan amendment to allow open activity in the water basin for the america's cup on the 34 -- for the america's cup 34. but it is at the water basin a little to the south of pier 32- 38. whose phone is ringing? that is where the key vessels will be brought during the match. the second place is the open water basin at the rincon park. the proposal is spectator yachts would be berthed in that open water basin. it the special area plan limits
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mooring to non-commercial vessels. the items will be held at the commission meeting on july 7, in the port commission room, in this building. there will be a staff report available, june 24. at this time, staff is only recommending an allowance for the brannon street wharf open water basin and not the rincon point open water base. at some more to come on where the super yachts will be berthed. and finally, i'd like to propose the port commission adjourned its meeting today in honor of the fallen san francisco firefighters, lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio, two college to we have lost 10 days -- two of
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our colleagues that we have lost. >> any comments on the executive director's report? ok. >> item 7 b., legislative updates. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is jonathan stern with the planet -- with the port planning and development division. given that our legislative liaison was detained, he asked me to give you a brief update about the legislative agenda of the port and city at the state legislature. there are two bills that have been going through the legislature and i will give you a brief update regarding them. there we go. there are two bills, both about development projects.
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the first, ab-418, regards pier 7-0 and the trust status out at the pier, at the other bill is regarding the cruise terminal and the sites that will be in the america's cup. just as background, the port works with legislature, in conjunction with the city legislative committee. this is the group convened by the mayor's office, and generally puts together all of the specific needs that the city looks at, what is planning to move toward it at this time, and we are part of that process. ab-418 is really an administrative trust bill.
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it is a trust exchange mechanism. at this map shows the report that port staff that did a number of years ago about the trust status of the area components of pier 70. many of the pieces of property were acquired with the original grant. many of them were acquired afterwards, specifically the shipyard, which support purchased for $1. each of these parcels, some of them were filled land, some of the more i planned. -- some of them are upland. they have specific stories that affects their legal status. when we are going through our normal process, we have a couple options.
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we can sit down with staff and say this very specific property has this-and should be treated this way, and this is not in the trust, or because we are doing pier 70, we can try to all ligne trust status. this is the representation of three statuses we would like to see. the yellow are areas where the trust is lifted. almost 40 acres at pier 70 have other reasons we think the trust may not apply. the green areas would be in the trust. these are some of the internal streets. and then the historic buildings would either be in the trust, could be maintained by the port in or out of the trust.